Queer Britannia


It’s always exciting to release new designs and see how they fair. Yesterday I announced my Proud Britain: Progress Pride greetings card, the latest instalment in my cartographic journey of queering-up the British Isles.

For those unfamiliar with the geography of the United Kingdom, you may be interested to learn that the largest island – which consists of the countries of Scotland, England and Wales – is called Great Britain. Northern Ireland, the fourth country of the United Kingdom, is located on the island of Ireland, and is represented in my Proud Ireland: Progress Pride greetings card.

I've managed to segment the three different countries on the island using the stripes from Gilbert Baker’s iconic rainbow Pride flag, and the stripes and chevrons from Daniel Quasar's Progress Pride flag.

The second design I’m launching is my Jack: Progress Pride greetings card. A composition that features a stylised Union Jack, constructed from white dots, on top of a graduation halftone pattern with colours also from the Progress Pride flag.

Both cards are available from my online [g]store priced at £2.50 plus shipping.

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